Advice for someone who has just become a headteacher

Becoming a Headteacher: Advice from the Trenches!

Embarking on the journey to become a headteacher can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. One of our favourite things to do is to ask you, our collective community on Twitter for your ideas.

We've compiled advice from experienced headteachers to help guide you on your path to becoming a successful school leader.

Align your values and find the right school: As suggested by @TheTattooedHeadteacher, being clear about your values and finding a school that aligns with them is crucial. Waiting for the right school and context, as Nick Hart points out, will make it easier for you to lead effectively and passionately.

Prepare for the challenges and stay committed: @MissC encourages aspiring headteachers to be kind, be ready for whatever challenges may come, and be sure that becoming a headteacher is truly what you want. Perseverance and commitment are key to making your leadership journey successful.

Build a strong support network: @BrettaTownend-Jowitt emphasizes the importance of having a great support network before taking the plunge. The role of a headteacher can be lonely, so having others around you for advice and encouragement is invaluable.

Make the right choices, even when they're difficult: @Tea4HeadTEAcher advises aspiring headteachers to remember the distinction between the right choice and the easy choice. While the journey may be hard, always aim to make the right decision, even if it's not the easiest.

Balance toughness and tenderness in leadership: Lyndsay McRoberts shares an inspiring quote about needing leadership that is "tough enough to demand a great deal from others but tender enough to encourage the heart." Striking a balance between these qualities is essential for effective leadership.

Embrace delegation and trust your team: @Mr.SFarmer highlights the importance of delegating tasks and trusting your leadership team. While it's crucial to be involved in decision-making, embracing the help of others can be beneficial for both you and your school.

Be humble, honest, and trustful: Dr. Philip Purvis and Lee Hill remind aspiring headteachers of the importance of humility, honesty, and trust. Demonstrating these qualities not only earns the respect of your colleagues but also fosters a positive school environment.

Reflect on your motives: Primary Head urges those considering the role of headteacher to seriously ask themselves "why?" Reflecting on your reasons for pursuing the position is vital for ensuring that your motives align with the best interests of the school and its students.

We are thankful to our contributors for their ideas. We enjoy sharing information as we hope this helps you all. 

Good luck in your new role!


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